sábado, julho 11, 2015

Algumas ideias básicas sobre a hipótese de uma invasão extraterrestre.

 Parágrafo eloquente tirado de uma entrevista da Wired a Ernie Cline:

“[In movies] they just come down and begin to conduct a World War II-style ground invasion against us, with ship-to-ship combat, because it’s all really great and cinematic and a lot like Star Wars. But why would the aliens do that? They could just hurl a meteor at Earth if they wanted to exterminate us. Or why do they even come to Earth to begin with? The idea is always that Earth is this perfect, rare, blue world, but it’s perfect for us because we evolved to live here, but for any other alien they always have to terraform Earth. Well why not terraform a lifeless world that’s not inhabited by nuke-wielding monkey boys who are going to fight back? … And if an intelligent species has the technology to travel light years across interstellar space with these massive warships, then they’ve probably reached the Singularity, and they’d be beyond the need for anything that we have.”