terça-feira, setembro 29, 2015

Songs From The Devil’s Book of Summer

I claim the sky
for my use and purpose.
I expect the sun
to lay under my shadow.
I demand nothing less than all the carbon factories of the universe;
all working, all melting, all producing atoms for my enjoyment.
The ocean is but a liquid slave of mine
and the tides pay me the respect that is owed to the gods.
There is, eventually, an higher being,
but while He seems distracted and reluctant to take his kingdom,
I will sit on the throne, make it my own
and rule and grow
an army of ghosts.

People are really an amazing feat.
They cheat and repeat
and love for the pain of it. 
An eye for an eye,
They kill as willingly as they die.

People are really an amazing feat.
They triumph and know defeat
for the bitterness of joy.
They play hard and act coy.
People are really a wonderful toy.

Perhaps Mozart was on my side,
but I stand for the deaf composer
and too for the greedy one.
They all gave shadows to the light
and built monuments
to my reign.
Einstein served me well,
(from mushmatics to mushrooms)
and Truman, also.
Mahatma Gandhi was a warrior
of mine.
I stand for Jesus, left alone in agony
in is final hour.
I stand for Isaac Newton, who did very well about gravity
but knew nothing of the atom.
Maybe Ulysses was worshiping me all the way,
Achilles was for sure and Caesar
crossed the Rubicon in my name.
Aristotle obeyed me plenty,
so did, consequently, Alexander.
Edison was a dear friend,
Churchill, like a brother to me,
even Buda was no nemesis.

And Time. Time is on my side. Yes it is.