sexta-feira, dezembro 16, 2016

Xmas Soundtrack

Kaiser Chiefs ensaiam uns eloquentes prolegómenos à arquitectura pop contemporânea. Licença para saltar (com ou sem para-quedas).

Kaiser Chiefs . Parachute

sábado, dezembro 03, 2016

Cognac Christmas Gig

Sure: it’s Christmas time and you have a lot to do. Places to go, people to visit, gifts to buy, gifts to give, parties to attend, dinners to have, children to cherish, plastic trees to ignite and whatnot. Sure: It can be very stressful. But then again, you can always take a break and simply be with friends and relax for a little bit (even Santa would agree with this). After all, we’re not inviting you to camp here. Just show up, have a drink or two and go about your business, if you have to. It’s all right, really. Although we believe you should play as hard as you work, we understand completely: heaven knows Christmas can be tough as hell.

Bom deus:

que filha da mãe de musiquinha. Operática, repetitiva e minimal, para quem acha que a música do Blogville é demasiado comercial (ou seja: raparigas com bigode).

Birdpen . The Solution Is The Route Of All My Problems