sexta-feira, junho 13, 2014

Rocketville #9 - ISX-Enterprise

Já podemos sonhar com naves interestelares sem cair no ridículo:

NASA has unveiled conceptual designs for their theoretical warp drive propelled starship. The IXS Enterprise concept was developed at the NASA Eagleworks Advanced Propulsion Physics Laboratory, based on the theoretical work of Dr. Harold White. The conceptual starship designs were rendered by artist Mark Rademaker with help from Star Trek designer and technical consultant Michael Okuda.
The IXS Enterprise is certainly not something we are likely to see built and flown to the stars anytime soon. It is, however, based on Dr. White’s equations for what a warp capable ship might look like if NASA were to build one today.
That is, if they could produce the proper amount of energy to warp spacetime using such a magnificent looking interstellar vehicle. The good news is that more recent research has determined that the initial energy requirements for such an effort are not as demanding as previously calculated.
In May of 1994, theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre Moya* published a paper on a similar pie in the sky concept of a faster-than-light warp drive. This “Alcubierre drive” concept was not unlike the warp drive featured in Star Trek. The problem, it would require an insanely massive output of energy, somewhat near the mass-energy of the planet Jupiter.
Now, according to more recent calculations and research conducted by Harold White, the required mass-energy needed for this kind of warp drive is more on order of a Voyager 1 sized space probe.