segunda-feira, julho 02, 2018

A morte da Europa e, com ela, a do Ocidente.

Excerto da recensão crítica que Bryan Stewart escreveu sobre o livro “The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam,” no The Economist:

To put it briefly, Europe faces two existential challenges. I use the term “existential” advisedly, not in the sense that Europe will somehow cease to exist but that it’s identity and ideology is being gravely, and perhaps irretrievably, disfigured. The first of these “concatenations,” to use Murray’s arresting term, is the mass movement of peoples into Europe, ensuring that “what had been Europe – the home of the European peoples – gradually became a home for the entire world.”
In itself, this condition would not be so treacherous but for the second condition, Europe’s thorough loss of faith in its “beliefs, traditions and legitimacy.” Gone are the days when the leading powers of Europe committed themselves to the restoration of grandeur at home or a mission civilisatrice abroad. The distinguishing feature of modern Europe is its persistent ennui, shown in the inability or unwillingness “to reproduce itself, fight for itself or even take its own side in an argument.” What’s more, Europeans seem less stirred to face these unpleasant facts than they are fearful of interpreting them too precisely.

É isto. Nem mais nem menos.