quinta-feira, agosto 22, 2013

In the dark: mais coisas super giras sobre matéria negra, energia negra e buracos negros (que não são feitos de matéria negra).

"We understand about 4% of the universe. (...) We're dumb stupid ignorant about most of the universe. Which is really cool. It keeps the astrophisicists employed!"

"Dark matter is really not a good term. We should just call it Fred. Because we don't know if it is matter, we just don't know. So, to call it matter already puts a bias in the expectaion of what you would find. And that's not good science. It's better to call it something that doesn't make you think of anything. And that's why I just call it Fred."

"Black holes are dark, they are made of matter and they matter. But they are not dark matter."

"The particles that escape a Black Hole have the same inventory of al the particles that went in in the first place. The black hole did not forget what it had eaten."

"Nature is the biggest atom smasher that ever was."

"Dark matter could be regular matter linking from another universe. I mean, who knows?"

Neil DeGrasse Tyson - StarTalk Radio Show - Agosto 2013