terça-feira, fevereiro 05, 2013

Rocketville #4 - Tycho Deep Space II

 photo TDSII.jpg

Tycho Deep Space II is the third generation space capsule based on lessons learned and technology transferred from previous Copenhagen Suborbitals space capsules and the final suborbital mission scenario.

The R/D of TDSII began fall 2012 and will continue until a final flight model has been tested on a suborbital trajectory. The flight date and year is unknown but is likely to be 2014 or 2015.

TDSII is a space capsule holding one person on a suborbital trajectory above the Karman-line. The final apogee is unknown so it can only be identified at 100+ km. So far, the capsule will be launched at sea on a Copenhagen Suborbitals catamaran, flown into space and performing a splashdown at sea. Total air time is estimated to be approximately 20 minutes.

More data on this project here.